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Are Your Postcards Picture-Perfect?

Your promotional pieces speak volumes about your business – both in terms of the quality of your goods and services, and about your brand as a whole. And since designing postcards that target the right people with the right message is crucial in any direct mail campaign, make sure you’re grabbing the attention of potentially profitable clients with postcards that are “picture-perfect”.

How Postcards Can Attract Customers for Life

If you’ve yet to come across the term Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), you might want to get familiar with it before you launch your first (or next) direct mail campaign. CLV is a measurement of the profit your business can expect to make from its long-term relationship with any one client. And those customers most likely to deliver the greatest amount of value over time form an obvious target for your ads. Who are these customers, and what are they looking for? That’s the million-dollar marketing question every business must answer! The key to successful advertising – whether with direct mail, or digitally – hinges on:
  1. Determining precisely who your market is, and
  2. Targeting and engaging that audience with a message that offers real value
Working to develop a certain level of data-driven knowledge about your clients’ needs – and how those needs may be evolving over time – will improve your company’s ability to consistently target the right groups of people with programs like direct mail postcards.

Start with a Target Market

It goes without saying that your business provides a high-quality product or service you’re proud of. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something anyone and everyone will be interested in. Figuring out who’s most likely to want or need what you sell is the first step in designing an effective postcard marketing campaign. Determining the right audience to target with your direct mail postcard designs can be accomplished in a number of ways:
  • You can turn to recognized agencies like the Small Business Administration for information about typical customer demographics inside your industry,
  • You can direct your marketing efforts toward those who live or work near your business,
  • You can accumulate data about the characteristics and purchasing behaviors of your past and current customers, or
  • You can devise a plan that does all of the above
Regardless of the industry, most companies’ marketing plans remain a work-in-progress because clients come and go for different reasons. To keep your advertising message fresh, it’s important to stay connected with who’s buying from you now, and who’s apt to be buying in the future. One of the biggest benefits of advertising with direct mail postcards is that they’re perfect for reaching a targeted audience. Whether B2B or B2C, direct mail lets your business pick and choose just the right recipients for its ads. And by combining your market research with a specialized mail list, you can ensure your catchy, colorful postcard designs land in the mailboxes of only the most relevant prospects.

Use Postcards for Proven Results

The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to targeting the right market with direct mail postcards. Clean and categorized customer mail lists – sourced from your own data, or from a reliable direct mail company – will help you track down the most promising customers for your business by virtue of everything from their age, gender, net worth, and profession, to their interests, location, and family or home ownership status. Well-designed postcard mailers work particularly well for:
  • newly established businesses,
  • businesses with predominantly local clientele, and
  • any company looking to stay top-of-mind with customers and potential customers
Choosing direct mail postcards as part of your marketing plan gives you an automatic edge. Study after study confirms that the majority of consumers enjoy receiving postcards – and read them – especially if they’re relevant, engaging, and useful. Postcard mailers offer built-in advertising advantages like:
  • a short, attractive, easily consumed print format,
  • the documented ability to promote buyer confidence and long-term brand recognition, and
  • a long-standing recognition as the ideal vehicle for making coupons and other offers available to prospects and customers
Direct mail marketing has been around for many years and is a solidly proven method for establishing your business as a skilled and trustworthy organization. It also provides superior response rates when compared with many other marketing options. But if you want to dramatically increase your ROI, you should shoot for a robust postcard design that amplifies its natural appeal. The more professional-looking your postcards are in fact, the more likely they are to help you maintain a stable client base and attract a steady stream of new clients. In other words, the better the design, the better your results.

Customize Your Design

If your goal is to get the best mailout response possible – and it should be – you’ll need to take steps to produce a graphic design that’s uniquely and ultimately you. Your layout should be more than just picture-perfect – it should express what makes your business so special. And one of the best ways to achieve that objective is to partner with a direct mail design expert. Postcard professionals understand very well that not only does a design have to look good, it has to promote some kind of action. So when it comes to creating a postcard mailer that pulls a gainful response, its design must incorporate:
  • an intriguing headline,
  • a clear message about the offer your business is making,
  • a focus on the benefits of your product or service, and
  • a straightforward call-to-action
Pretty and professional is a good place to start. But if your postcard doesn’t unite the right elements into a customized design, it’s apt to end up in the trash. Remember, it’s because they’re so compact and punchy that postcard mailers perform so effectively. And with such limited space to work with, every design detail matters. The last thing you want is to cheapen your results by cutting and pasting company information into a predesigned template. Direct mail postcards have the potential to raise your organization above the competition – and keep it in the purchasing spotlight. With their visual allure, and high-impact messaging, all they really need to qualify as picture-perfect is a design that lets your business stand out from the crowd.
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