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Another amazing customer…DermacenterMD

In the design department we meet all different clientele, some good, and some great. Dr. Roger Moore from DermacenterMD has been one of our great clients! We have been working with Dr. Moore since January of 2012 and have been providing his newsletter design files that we print and process for mailing.

The first design files from Dr. Moore did not meet our requirements and we had to inform him of the discrepancies with the project. With some patience, informative phone calls and a steer in the right direction, Dr. Moore was able to take his first newsletter and turn it into a successful design piece that he is continuing to use to this day. We especially enjoy working with clients like Dr. Moore who want to take the time to do things right. It makes the process in the design department go quick and smooth.

Here’s what Dr. Moore says about the experience.


“…Cactus Mailing design team is a part of a wonderful organization. When I first started to work with Cactus Mailing my files were not correct and you took the time to walk me through the steps to get my Indesign parameters set up. The time you invested has helped me start my newsletter series which is at now at volume XI (11) for a patient newsletter and volume X (10) for a doctor referral newsletter – with plans to continue on. Had you not made sure the process was understood I might have given up on from the start. Your help was a key part in a long term sale…”

Each newsletter that we receive from Dr. Moore goes through our design check. We enjoy reading his newsletter and the positive message that he sends to his patients and fellow colleagues. We appreciate his uplifting message and his mission to spread skin cancer awareness. He has even influenced someone on our team to meet with their doctor. Now we know why Dr. Moore was voted “Favorite Specialist in Elkhart County, 2013 Elkhart Truth”.

Thank you Dr. Moore for being one of our GREAT clients!

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