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Are you looking for an effective marketing campaign that targets an audience in a specific location? Think direct mailers. Think postcards. Postcard marketing is a proven marketing strategy with one of the best ROIs in the industry. It really works! Postcards allow you to zero in on your target audience, and their readership rate is more than 50%. Research indicates that over half of households reported they made numerous purchases each year directly associated with direct mailers. That equates to a fantastic ROI for your business!

Cactus Mailing Company has been in the business of direct mail marketing since 2001, so we know that direct mail works. We’ve become one of America’s largest providers of direct mail, generating proven results from millions of postcards sent for more than 17,000 businesses. We’re postcard pros—experts in our niche. Because we know no two mail campaigns are the same, we create each individualized piece with your unique goals in mind.

Whether you need a large or small batch mailing, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price possible. Our mailing facilities and operations are cost-effective and efficient. We’ve perfected the art of target marketing with access to the best mailing databases, helping you pinpoint your audience based on location, demographics, and interests. These advantages help us get the absolute best results for you—at the best price. With a greater ROI than most other marketing channels, simply put: Direct mail works.

The Cactus Mailing Story

In early 2001, my wife Maria and I set out to start our own business. Working on the proverbial “shoestring” budget, we set-up shop in our two car garage. We invested in a few pieces of used equipment and purchased the special software required for processing mailing lists. After a few weeks of practice and training, we were ready for business. That’s when we ran into our first bump in the road.

I called the local Yellow Page provider and was informed that I had missed the publication deadline by two days. They politely told me to call back in about 11 months. Fortunately, we had decided to start a small business direct mail marketing service, and as a result we could market with direct mail very cost effectively. So we designed our first postcard, purchased our first mailing list, printed our first run of postcards, addressed them, and delivered them to the post office.

It would be nice to say that between my education in marketing and my keen business sense that this first mailing of 2,000 postcards was a huge success and that we generated so much business we never again had a need to advertise. Unfortunately, that was not the case by any means! Sure, this first mailing generated some leads and some of those leads became our first clients.

In fact, over five years later, one of those clients, a local auto repair company, is still doing regular mailings with us. So while that first mailing didn’t create overnight success for us – it did set the groundwork for one of the most successful postcard marketing services in the U.S. Over time we continued the postcard marketing service, and while some mailings were more successful than others- with each mailing we learned more and more about how to successfully market with postcards. It was only natural that when one of our clients needed advice or help with their mailings that we passed on the knowledge that we had learned from our own mailings.

Cactus Mailing Building


Today, Cactus Mailing is a long way from the garage where we started. We have a large facility, state-of-the-art equipment, and a great staff that is knowledgeable and experienced in postcard marketing. To date, we have literally helped thousands of our clients successfully market their business with direct mail. When I look back – I now believe that not being able to advertise in the Yellow Pages for an entire year was the best thing that could have happened to us.

It forced us to quickly become experts at postcard marketing services. This expertise allowed us to make our clients successful and in turn they have made us successful.

Michael Ryan

President- Cactus Mailing Company

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