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A Simple Technique to Get Satisfied Customers that Spend More

If you do a quick Google search then you will find out different tips on how to create a customer loyalty program that will entice customers to enter (and hopefully spend money) on your business. You’d see pages and pages of various information about how you should provide “extra” for your customers and prospective clients but there is really a bigger question at hand that they fail to address directly.

How do you reward your customer and increase their order frequency?

One good way of looking at the issue is to consider using effective direct mail marketing techniques to supplement your already superior product or service.

No, we are not talking about just sending flyers or brochures. I believe you have been doing that for years now. Remember that this is an entirely different part of your marketing plan. Our aim here is not to acquire new customers but to retain and take care of your current customer pool.

So where do you start?

Well, there are quite a few ways on how to increase order frequency with direct mail but the most effective one would be through the use of coupons.

Most business owners think that coupons are the “Hail Mary Passes” of marketing. This means that they believe that coupons are some sort of last ditch effort to save a business. Contrary to popular belief, coupons (if used right) can have lasting effects on your business and will not just be good for a one time sales boost.

The secret is to “reward” your customers every time they visit your store. For example, you can provide them coupons they can use on their next visit or purchase. It gives your customers the feeling that you appreciate their patronage and you are more than willing to reward them for their loyalty. To make sure the campaign is effective, remember to put an expiration date on the coupon you give away.

Why expiration date? This is to create a sense of urgency for them to use it. Just remember to be logical about the expiration date though. If customers come in on a weekly basis, it is better to set the expiration days on a couple days to encourage your customers to come back more often than they should.

Remember that our aim is to condition the customers to buy more OFTEN from you which results in a win-win situation – satisfied customers who buy more from you!

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