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8 Reasons Postcard Marketing is the Best Thing since Sliced Bread

Why was the advent of pre-sliced bread such a Big Deal that it’s become a metaphor for wonderfulness? Because it made life easier. Better, to most people. If you’ve ever tried to slice bread uniformly by hand, you understand. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why postcard marketing would be considered the best thing since sliced bread.

It makes your marketing easier. Better.

Here are 8 reasons why so many business owners think postcard marketing is the best:

Slice #1: It’s affordable.

No business wants to spend more than necessary on marketing. Producing and mailing postcards can be surprisingly budget-friendly, but marketing is only valuable if you get the highest possible return on your investment. Postcard marketing is well-known for its ability to deliver outstanding ROI.

Slice #2: It’s targetable.

Not everyone wants your bread, so there’s no point in advertising to them. If your business or organization does have a very broad customer base, you can mail to a recipient list – every household in a specific area. But for most businesses, it’s the ability to target specific demographic or geographic characteristics that make postcard marketing such an effective option.

Slice #3: Postcards get you in front of prospects quickly.

The sooner your marketing starts generating revenue, the faster you can grow your business. That’s especially important if you’re just starting out and need to build a base of customers, clients or patients “from scratch,” but timeliness can be important to every business for many reasons.

You can create postcards and get them into your prospects’ hands quickly.

Slice #4: You get ongoing results.

It takes time and repetition to build name familiarity and reputation with prospects. Postcard marketing is the perfect solution, because you can continue to send the same mailing to the same list of recipients each month. When they’re ready to take advantage of your offer, your business is top of mind and your postcard is right at hand with your contact information.

Slice #5: Postcards are versatile.

You can create campaigns aimed at generating new business, increasing sales to existing customers or re-establishing a relationship with lapsed customers.

Slice #6: Postcards are customizable.

Pre-sliced bread comes in a wrapper, so everyone can see who made it and what’s inside. Postcards are their own wrapper – your prospects don’t even have to open anything to get the full impact of your branding and your marketing message.

Slice #7: It works.

Pre-sliced bread caught on with consumers in a big way, and it’s become a staple in most people’s kitchens. Postcard marketing caught on with business owners decades ago, and it’s become a staple in many thousands of marketing plans across the country. For many businesses, postcards are the primary – maybe the only – marketing technique they use.

Why? Read what real marketers have to say:

  • A pool service company – “literally changed my business forever . . . doubled my clientele.”
  • An outdoor adventure company – “the response rate has been more than double what we hoped for.”
  • A children’s dentist – “we’ve seen 54 new patients and more than $21,000 in production, and that’s just to date.”

Slice #8: You can get professional help with the whole loaf.

Pre-sliced bread saves time. You can save considerable time and get far better results by partnering with a full-service direct mail marketing company. They know every detail about what makes postcards sell best, and they have the facilities and skilled staff to make it happen for you.

Sliced bread may have been a great innovation in its day, but let’s face it: you can only make sandwiches with it. Postcard marketing, on the other hand, enables you to grow your business and make more money. So which one do you think is best?

Photo Credit: @nsalt via Flickr. 

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