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7 Ways to Create Effective Direct Mail Copy

Would you rather get:

  1. A fabulous response to your marketing?
  2. Just a ho-hum response?

Yep. We figured you’d pick A. Who wouldn’t? But here’s the thing. As affordable and easy as direct mail marketing can be, you still have to pay attention to the details or your mailings won’t be as “A-rated” as you want them to be. Mediocre direct mail copy generates mediocre results.

Harried small business owners love direct mail – especially postcards – because it is so much easier than many marketing techniques and the results can, indeed, be exemplary. Let’s look at specific ways you can ensure your direct mail copy is as effective as possible.

1. Headline.

The very presence of your postcard in someone’s mailbox instantly snags attention. But without a brief-but-bold headline your postcard has no focus. The right headline makes your key point in just a few words, inviting your recipient to read more and ensuring they will.

2. Images.

Whether you use photos or some other type of artwork, images are the “visual copy” that delivers more than a thousand words’ worth of impact. Images have to be relevant to your business, relevant to the rest of your copy and tip-top quality so they pop right off the face of your postcard.

3. Supporting text.

Your headline makes prospects want to know more about you. What sets you apart from the competition – why should they do business with you? We’re not talking features, here, we’re talking benefits from your prospect’s point of view. When you tell them in a concise, bulleted list, your direct mail copy is appealing to the eye and easy to comprehend at a glance – postcard perfect and definitely effective.

4. Design elements.

Postcards are amazingly roomy, especially the larger size options, but the last thing you want to do is cram in too much information. Your postcard will look messy and it will be confusing instead of effectively delivering your marketing message.

Color, font and the placement of all your visual elements lead your reader around your postcard so your copy can be most effective. Every elements gets the attention it deserves, your reader can easily see what’s most important (for them) and the entire package looks professional. There’s credibility behind your direct mail copy, and that gives prospects confidence to follow up with you.

5. Offer and call-to-action.

Effective postcards spur recipients to action – and soon. The offer you choose to make directly affects your prospect’s excitement level, so it has to be intelligently targeted to your intended audience. A sense of urgency tells them not to wait.

6. Contact information.

Yes, this is part of your direct mail copy, because whatever your call-to-action, you have to provide a response mechanism – your phone number for “call now to schedule an appointment.” But smart marketers include all their contact information because that reinforces business legitimacy and gives prospects more options.

7. Little extras.

Insignias that show your professional accreditations, memberships, awards and social media locations add third-party support to your text, as do testimonial quotes and “read our reviews on Angie’s List.”

Want the best of everything? Work with a pro.

Why guess at what elements will be the most effective for you, when you can partner with a direct mail professional who already knows all that. You can piggy-back on their experience and the insight they’ve gained from working with other customers like you, avoiding the kind of common mistakes that can hamper direct mail performance.

They’ll help you create perfect direct mail copy plus they’ll guide you through graphic design, image choices, printing and mailing list development. They can sort and prep your mailing for the post office, ensuring the paperwork is correct and the postage rate you pay is the lowest rate possible. You’ll save time and frustration, and that makes you a more effective business person.

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