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7 Undeniable Reasons to Love Postcard Marketing

Who doesn’t love to get a postcard in the mail? And while it’s nice to know that your sister is enjoying her vacation, wouldn’t you rather see a great deal offered on that postcard? Of course you would. And so would your prospects. They’re out there right now, hoping to hear from you.

There’s no denying it – postcard marketing is easy to love. Let us count the ways:

1. People are actively interested in your postcard marketing.

Studies show that an astounding 79% of households read the advertising postcards they receive in the mail. That makes postcards one of the most effective marketing tools available for your business.

2. They don’t just read your postcard, they follow up.

Half the households who receive and read your postcard report that they buy something as a direct result. In fact, they buy multiple times each year. That’s a statistic any business owner can love.

3. Postcard marketing brings you a higher ROI than any other marketing medium.

Seriously. Even among various types of direct mail marketing, postcards allow you to reach more people directly, for less money. A single postcard costs 30% less to mail than a first class letter. But when you introduce the efficiencies of bulk mail, your postcard mailing can cost as little as 15 cents apiece.

Now re-read the stats we’ve noted above and ask yourself: how cost-effective is the rest of my marketing?

4. Postcards deliver powerful impact.

A great return on your investment comes from delivering an irresistible mailer and message. Postcards have what it takes to instantly grab people’s attention, convey your message and motivate them to respond. Your audience doesn’t even have to open an envelope to see and understand your offer.

5. Postcards are versatile.

You can use them to feature special promotions, free consultations or discounted offers. You can turn them into coupons people can redeem in-store or online.

Postcard marketing is perfect to introduce a new business, product or service and it’s equally excellent for ongoing lead generation. You can reach – and attract – new customers, clients or patients because postcards are ideal for virtually every type of business. You can use postcards to strengthen customer loyalty or win back patients you haven’t heard from recently.

6. Postcard marketing is easy.

Compared to most forms of marketing and advertising, postcards are a snap. But this form of marketing can be deceptively simple, and it’s important to get the details right. Besides, as a business owner, you have plenty of work at hand already. So the easiest way to take advantage of postcard marketing is by teaming up with a full-service direct mail marketing company.

They’re the experts. You can confidently rely on them every step of the way, knowing you’re in good hands. Rather than trying to figure things out for yourself, you’ll get solid “insider” advice you can take to the bank, because your postcard pros have real experience with real businesses like yours.

They’ll make sure your postcards are smartly customized just for your business and marketing goals. That’s critically important. Sure, you can find online templates for postcards, but you can’t stand out from the competition by sending people generic marketing. Just because you can add your own logo or picture doesn’t make a template “customized.”

Your direct mail professionals will ensure every detail is specifically targeted to your audience, from your attention-grabbing headline to your compelling offer to your mailing list. They’ll assure your mailing receives the lowest possible postage rates. They can even help you set up an easy-to-use call tracking system so you can monitor telephone response and conversions.

7. Postcards are surprisingly budget-friendly.

That means you get more benefits for every one of your hard-earned dollars. Specifically, studies show the average return per dollar spent on postcards is $15.48.

It’s undeniable. You’ll love postcard marketing.

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