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7 Reasons Postcard Marketing Belongs in Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is just around the corner. What happened to 2014? Especially all those great marketing plans you had? Whether your marketing strategy brought unprecedented business growth or it was a resounding disappointment, take heart. A new year means a new opportunity to get it right. Or even better.

One thing you want to get right is postcard marketing. If this friendly form of marketing wasn’t part of your strategy for 2014, you’ll want to reconsider that decision for the coming year. Here are seven reasons why that’s true.

1. Why omit something proven so effective?

Smart owners of small businesses, especially those with more localized clientele, swear by postcard marketing, because they’ve seen first-hand how well it works. It works for retailers and restaurants, salons and spas, dentists and other healthcare professionals, auto shops and carpet cleaning services . . . you get the idea.

It works whether your business is in a big city or a less-populated area. And it can work nicely for many B2B businesses as well as traditional B2Cs.

2. People love postcards.

Since postcards were first invented, people have looked forward to receiving them. They bring festive messages, stunning photos, a glimpse of places far away. Your business may not be far away at all, but your postcards can deliver that same sense of mystery and excitement. You’re making an instant connection, the minute someone picks up your card.

3. A postcard is the ultimate in one-to-one marketing.

You don’t have time to go door to door introducing yourself and your business to your neighbors. Postcards do that for you – stopping only at the addresses of your prospective customers. They deliver a colorful, informative message about products or services your prospects want and need, and they typically seal the deal with a tempting offer. Recipients can get what they want and get a deal on it as well.

You can personalize your online marketing in lots of ways, but you can’t put it right into someone’s mailbox. Your prospects and existing customers can’t touch your online marketing, pin it to a bulletin board or stick it on the fridge with a magnet.

4. Diversity.

Multi-channel marketing is de rigueur these days, if you expect to reach your prospects in all the places they may be looking for you. But multi-channel means using both offline and online resources, not just multiple web-based options.

Postcards are wonderfully versatile, perfect for cross-promotions. You can use them as a stand-alone method to generate an ongoing supply of new customers or patients or clients, and you can also use them in that all-important multi-channel role as part of your campaign’s supporting cast.

5. ROI.

With many marketing techniques, it’s darn hard to determine whether it’s working. Are you really making any money from it? Postcard marketing is easy to track and measure, and those measurable often bring good news – good response rates, good gross revenue figures and really great return on your marketing investment. Who couldn’t use a little good news in the new year? Or a lot of it?

6. No learning curve.

You don’t have to become a rocket scientist or quit your day job to use postcards. As one delighted postcard marketing customer put it, “you don’t have to lift a finger.” That’s because your direct mail professional is just a phone call away. In their capable hands, you can design custom-tailored postcards, choose exactly the right mailing list, get a beautiful print job and send your mailers on their way. You can stay focused on your business.

7. Fast return.

Many online marketing options, though excellent long-term choices, take time to grab hold and gain momentum. With postcards, you can hit the ground running in 2015 with postcard marketing and keep you connected month in and month out, all year long.

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