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5 Ways Direct Mail Postcards are More Refreshing than New Socks

Ahhhhh, new socks. Whether they’re fresh from the dryer or fresh from the store, new socks are just so inviting. You can’t wait to put them on. Direct mail postcards are even more refreshing than your new socks, though, because they’re not only fresh-looking, they carry a special invitation, directly from you to your top prospects.

In case you’ve never thought about how socks and direct mail postcards compare, here are five specific ways postcards are more refreshing.

1. You have lots of choices when it comes to new socks.

They come in many styles, colors and patterns. There are different socks for different purposes — business attire, sports, casual, outdoor work or play. Direct mail postcards come in almost infinite variations, too, including different sizes. You can customize them to create exactly the look and feel you want for your prospects.

Socks come in different fibers – cotton, silk, wool, synthetics, blends. Your target audience is actually a blend, made up of multiple sub-groups. So you can use postcards to achieve a wide variety of marketing goals.

But socks are more refreshing, because you can use them to complete a multi-channel marketing ensemble or you can use them alone — something you’d never do with socks!

2. Fresh socks make you feel like a brand new person.

Direct mail postcards can make your business feel brand new, too, especially when you see the response you get and the ongoing return on investment that boosts your profitability. Postcards can help get your business off the ground smartly, help you generate repeat business and even bring back lapsed patients or customers. Your socks can’t do that.

3. Socks show off your spirit of individuality.

Cool designs have turned socks into a fashion statement for many people, even those who otherwise dress conservatively. Postcards do the same for your business. Just like socks cover your feet, postcards they deliver the facts – who you are, where you are, what you do or sell and why you stand out above the competition.

But postcards also show off your personality or sense of humor, helping people feel what it’s like to do business with you. Those intangible emotional and psychological factors affect every buying decision, and customer experience is a critical factor in retaining business and building loyalty these days.

4. Quality tells.

You can see and feel the quality of socks. Postcards, too. Top-quality direct mail postcards tell recipients your business is professional and reliable. You have standards.

Quality socks last longer than cheap ones. Postcard marketing enables you to generate long-lasting results, with a steady stream of new patients, clients, diners or shoppers.

Sock quality depends on where you get them. The best quality postcards come from a well-established comprehensive direct mail company where beautiful printing is just one of the services they offer to ensure your mailings are superior in every way.

5. You can use a personal shopper.

If you need help choosing socks, you can ask a store clerk. Or you can go online and get detailed advice from sock experts. Really. But you’re not that helpless because it’s easy to make sock choices on your own.

On the other hand, getting professional advice to help make the right choices regarding your direct mail postcards is the height of good sense. You may be a smart local business person, but you aren’t in the direct mail business. Teaming up with an expert proves you have good time management skills and you want the best possible results. You have good taste. And isn’t it refreshing to know help is just a phone call away?

Fresh socks keep your feet warm. But sometimes you just want to go barefoot. The heck with socks. On the other hand, you never want to be caught without direct mail postcards in your marketing wardrobe.

photo credit: noricum via photopin cc

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