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5 Sure Ways to Ruin Your Direct Mail Copy

Imagine that it is the end of a long day. You are sitting in front of your computer watching a funny cat on YouTube when a paid shampoo ad interrupted your viewing pleasure. Even though it is a famous brand that your mother uses, it doesn’t sound as entertaining as a hilarious dog shampoo commercial you know. It doesn’t speak to you but rather to an old lady singing in the shower. After 8 seconds you hit “skip video”.

Well, same thing can happen with your direct mail marketing campaign. A well designed postcard or brochure is not enough. Same as with online marketing, failure to communicate with your customers will result to loss.

Don’t you think that maybe it is time to stop throwing money away? If your answer is yes, knowing what work and don’t is the first step.

Here are five terrible direct mail copy mistakes that you should avoid in order to make a connection with buyers.

#1 Boring headlines

Sometimes, people only have time to read the headline so make sure to make it catchy. Your readers wouldn’t care about the rest of the copy, no matter how good it is, if the headline is not as appealing. One good tip is to create your headline base on the interest of your consumers.

#2 Poor copywriting

Typos? Bad grammar? These copywriting errors send bad signals to your customers. It will reflect poorly on your company. It’s like meeting clients with filthy shoes, or a bad hair, or crinkly clothes. Our advice is to hire a professional copywriter. Professional copy is a worthy investment if you are targeting increase in response.

#3 Too much hype

Practice the method of generating exciting content without hype. Buyers are harder to please these days and the first thing you would want to establish is trust.

#4 Missing “call to action”

Be clear on the action you want your readers to take. A defined call to action is the key to lead your consumers to opt in for a product or a service. Also, make sure that your placement is logical. Calls to action are typically found at the top or at the bottom depending on what you think is the most effective.

#5 An undependable printer

Yes, your design is out of the box and your copy is nothing but compelling but is your printer reliable? Put in mind that a bad printer can ruin your plans. On the other hand, a good printer can suggest better options base on your goals. Better yet, make a printer part of your team and work closely with them. They will offer you strategy and advice where you lack experience.

Do you have other tips to add to the list? Feel free by commenting below!

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