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5 Sure Ways to a Compelling Direct Mail Copy

Last week, I told you the 5 sure ways to ruin your direct mail copy. This week, I want to share what works and how to make your direct mail copy compelling and engaging.

+Writing compelling direct mail copy is one of the most important parts of a direct mail marketing campaign. This is probably self-evident, given that the copy is what the customer is going to read before deciding whether or not they want to purchase your product or service. Here are a few tips to make sure your direct mail marketing copy is successful.

#1 Don’t Sound too “Salesy”

This is the number one mistake that many direct mail and internet marketing departments make when sending out advertisements. They spend too much time on calls to action, and extolling the advantages of what they are selling over their competition, that they lose the “human element’ in their advertisements. Effective marketing copy is conversational and relaxed in tone. Studies have shown that potential customers are put off by people trying to sell them things. That is why a more relaxed tone is effective.

#2 Get to the Point

Another thing that potential customers don’t like is when marketing copy “beats around the bush.” That is why it is wise to get to the heart of the matter in you advertisement as quickly as you can, without sounding too tense and uptight.

#3 Make Sure You Use Simple English

It’s a good idea to sound knowledgeable about your product. However, you don’t want to sound so smart that you lose your reader. Your marketing copy should be simple enough for a fifth grader to understand. Remember, your goal is to get across how awesome you product or service is, not try to sound like Albert Einstien.

#4 Use Short, Punchy Sentences and Paragraphs

Marketing copy is much more effective when the sentences and paragraphs are a lot shorter. The reason for this is the same as using simple English. You don’t want to run the risk of confusing your reader. Wordy sentences and paragraphs run the risk of confusing your reader.

#5 Use Action Words

Using action words such as “utilize,” “achieve,” and “purchase,” make ad copy come to life and “jump off the page.” They excite the readers brain because we are programmed to think in actions. So using these types of words make your ad copy stand out.

These are just a few ways to punch up your postcards, brochures, and even internet marketing campaigns more effective.

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