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5 Reasons Why the Copy on Your Postcard Mailers Should be Professionally Written

You have selected a target market, purchased an appropriate mailing list, and had a postcard mailer professionally designed. The mailer looks great; all it needs are some words, and you’ll be good to go. Should you write the copy for your mailer yourself? After all, nobody knows your business better than you, and perhaps your spouse or a neighbor is an English teacher who can proofread it for you. And it’s not that much copy. How hard could it possibly be to come up with a few lines to fill up a postcard? Writing sales copy that converts involves far more than coming up with a few catchy phrases and making sure everything is spelled correctly. Here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a professional copywriter.

1. The copy must captivate readers immediately.

Think about the process you go through when you are sorting your mail. Be honest: Do you carefully examine every single piece, including the advertising mailers? Your postcard mailer has only a few seconds, at most, to catch a reader’s eye. While the design of the postcard is important – the reader will see the images before they read the words – the copy is what draws them into the mailer and prompts them to make the mental shift from “toss” to “keep.”

2. The copy must prompt readers to take action.

You don’t want readers to just look at your postcard. You need them to take action, whether it’s to call you, visit your website, or come into your physical store. Effective sales copy is all about persuasion. It zeroes in on the reader’s pain points, demonstrates how your product or service can relieve that pain, and makes them want to take the next step right away.

3. On a postcard, every single word counts.

Sometimes, business owners think they can write their own copy for a postcard because “it isn’t that much, just a few lines.” However, because you have such limited space, every single word matters. In only those few lines, you must capture the reader’s attention, spark their interest in reading on, create a desire within them for your product or service, and prompt them to take action. It can be more difficult to write a few lines of copy for a postcard than to pen an 800-word “About Us” page for a website.

4. You’re too close to your business.

While it’s true that nobody understands your business as deeply as you do, that can be a double-edged sword. When business owners attempt to write their own sales copy, they often get bogged down in the details – and this is a particularly vexing problem in light of point number 3, the fact that space is at a premium on a postcard mailer. A professional copywriter is better able to take a step back, look at the big picture, and distill those elements of your business that are most important to your customers.

5. You need results – not just words.

It’s true that anyone could come up with a few lines to fill the blank space on a postcard mailer and make sure everything’s spelled correctly. However, just filling your postcard with words will not capture readers’ attention and turn them into buyers. They must be the right words. A professional sales copywriter knows the difference, because that’s all they do; they craft words that drive sales. You’re investing good money in your postcard mailer campaign, and you want to make sure you get results from it. Don’t make the mistake of trying to DIY the copy. Hire a professional so that your investment is protected, and you get the results you want.
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