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5 Cliches About Direct Mailing That You Should Avoid with Your Marketing

In marketing, clichés come about because businesses make assumptions that aren’t valid or they just keep doing the same thing over and over without analyzing the results. If you want to create direct mail marketing campaigns that are instantly appealing — postcards and brochures that inspire people to respond right away — you have to think about what your prospects want most.

Getting stuck in a rut is a cliché. Strategically planned repetition is smart marketing. And direct mail is an ideal channel for reaching your prospects. It’s still extremely popular with marketers because it works. There’s no reason to rely on tired formulas or inaccurate assumptions.

Let’s look at five more clichés you can avoid, so your direct mail marketing is right on the money.

1. Flashy postcards.

Sure, sparkly ink or a round shape might attract some initial attention, but over-the-top “creativity” won’t convince anyone to do business with you. It will, however, cost you more in production and postage. So you’ll pay more for your mailing and probably get less response. A professional direct mail expert can help you design a mailing program that uses proven-successful creative elements and brings you a strong return on your investment.

2. Free mailing lists.

“You get what you pay for” is also a cliché, but it’s actually true. No-cost mailings are often of poor quality, with off-target demographics based on out-of-date information. But mailing to the right people is essential for direct mail marketing success, which is why savvy marketers rely on customized lists from quality sources.

3. Free design work.

Free is a nice gesture, but it’s great design that grabs your recipient’s attention and draws them in to read your message, find out about your offer and pick up the phone. If your direct mail falls flat visually, it will be tossed before it can do its magic. Professional design isn’t free, but once again you get what you pay for.

4. Direct mail is only for mass mailings.

If that was true, direct mail wouldn’t be such a valuable marketing tool. Rather than randomly sending tons of mail hoping for some sort of response, you can use custom-tailored mailing lists to reach amazingly specific audiences. That makes direct mail a great marketing avenue for every size and type of business.

5. Direct mail marketing is dead.

We saved the silliest cliché for last. Direct mail is hardly dead. In fact, studies repeatedly show that direct mail provides a higher return on investment than any other marketing medium. Almost 80% of the households that receive advertising postcards read them. As a result, half the households will make more than one purchase within a year. As marketing response goes, that’s pretty lively.

So if you aren’t currently using direct mail marketing, you should be. Team up with a full-service direct mail company, so you can avoid these clichés and get right down to the business of growing your business. With a pro on your side, you can make all the right moves the first time, because they know that a holistic approach is the key to successful direct mail marketing.

What will you get?

  • Great design that recipients can’t ignore.
  • An offer that’s just what your prospects want.
  • An easy way for them to follow up – and a way for you to track results.
  • Crisp-looking professional printing, time after time.
  • A sharply-honed mailing list that’s filled with genuine prospects.
  • Consistently scheduled mailing repetition that delivers the right frequency for your message and prospects.
  • Behind-the-scenes mail prep and sorting to achieve the lowest postage rate possible.

It all adds up to that outstanding ROI we mentioned earlier. And that’s no cliché.

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