5 Awesome Examples of Direct Mail Postcards

5 Awesome Examples Of Direct Mail Postcards

How do you get awesome results from your direct mail postcards? It starts with postcards that are all about you and what you can do to enhance your recipients’ lives in some meaningful, timely way. That requires fully custom design.

Sometimes business owners think they can save time or money by taking a short-cut – using one of those online cut-and-paste templates. But the problem with that is average quality postcards cannot generate awesome results. And using someone else’s design is the definition of average. Besides, professional custom design isn’t all that time-consuming.

We’re pretty sure you’d rather get the best possible return on your investment, with direct mail postcards that consistently look better and bring you better results. So what constitutes awesome custom design? Check out these 5 examples:

1. Stephen Judd, DMD

Both sides of this postcard feature simple, clean presentation, yet there is lots of useful, compelling detail.

On side one, we’re greeted by a pretty girl with a pretty smile. We learn there’s a new whitening technology available and see it’s on special right now. This is a great deal! We know that because in addition to the discounted offer, we see the full price and the retail value of our take-home package. In the corner there’s a hint about gifting – one more way to reach out to your prospect’s potential “need.”

Side two shows us more great offers and all the other key information we need to confidently follow up:

  • Concise list of all services offered.
  • Big, colorful phone number.
  • Hours and credit card information at a glance.
  • Nice family photo. This is a friendly, neighborly-looking guy – just the dentist you want.

2. Brookstone Park apartments

Who wouldn’t want to trade in their current apartment for a place where everything is brand new? This postcard gives prospects a worthwhile incentive to pre-lease by the deadline, but it also gives those not quite ready to move yet a heads-up that this should be their next address.

There’s a nice artist’s rendering of the exterior, and words like “premier luxury” set the tone.

The postcard lists the community’s state-of-the-art amenities and ends with everyone’s favorite enticement, “sensibly priced.” These are must-have apartments. Side two reinforces that with more selling points and a locator map, and there’s a big toll-free phone number for easy follow-up.

3. Sports Protective

You can’t ignore the headlines on both sides of this postcard. They notify or remind us that we have a specific need – to comply with a new law. Better yet, the postcard solves our problem because this marketer has the solution we need, at multiple pricing options. The postcard educates us about the law and consequences of non-compliance, but we’re not worried because all we have to do is call this company or visit their website.

4. Steamers restaurant

One glance at this postcard and you start to salivate:

  • Succulent photos show mouth-watering food and the restaurant’s ambiance.
  • Simple “headlines” tell us it’s both cosmopolitan and contemporary.
  • The social hour menu excerpt is tempting, and the pricing tells us what to expect.
  • The reservations number is easy to find.
  • We can see detailed hours of operation.
  • The locator map includes additional pertinent information.

Check your watch – can we go right now?

5. Boca Pools

The headline here is gently alarming – have I been putting my family’s health at risk?! This postcard creates a concern and then erases it – all you have to do is call and you can be confident your pool is properly clean. You’ll even get one month free. Services and frequency options are concisely listed, and the follow-up number is boldly displayed on both sides.

Want to see more examples?

Your direct mail postcard experts can show you plenty more designs that are proven winners for businesses similar to yours. Even better, they can help you create your own custom design so you can see awesome results, too.

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