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4 Tips to keep your Brochure OUT of the trash

Why waste your time and money on creating a company or product brochure that will just end up in the trash can.

It does not matter how pretty and colorful your brochure design is – if it does not have the right design elements (attention grabbing headline, call to action etc…) it is not going to pull a good response.

Tip #1- Decide the purpose of the brochure FIRST!

Sketch out what you really want to accomplish with the brochure? Is it to generate new leads? What did and did not work the last time you did a brochure?

Tip #2- Color is King!

Did you know that different colors create different moods? Maybe you want a more playful feel, consider combining a variety of colors. The basic whites, blacks and grey’s look classically elegant. Color is King but especially if used as an accent to the design. You want your branding colors to flow effortlessly through out your materials. No need to mix it up, let your customers trust your brand logo and colors.

Tip #3- Use High-Resolution Photos!

There is nothing worse than opening up a brochure with poor quality photos or worse, clip art! Photographers can be a huge investment but there are a few alternatives to get that great shot. Consider taking them yourself. With a good camera & excellent lighting you can produce sharp and beautiful images. In addition, sites such as Shutterstock and the like offer high quality photos for a very reasonable price.

Tip #4- Write Compelling Copy!

Yes, we have talked about color & images but what about all those words on the page? Do they matter? Of course they do and usually are overlooked. You want to be able to create eye catching headlines and compelling calls to action. Always have a team proofreading the content and brochures. Four eyes are always better than one.

At Cactus Mailing Company we have designed brochures for hundreds of companies. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our graphic designers know how to create brochure designs that will get great results. See how.

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