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3 Tips for Optimizing Your Direct Mail Communications

Making your direct mail more functional and effective really comes down to three things: personalization, mailing lists, and good old efficiency. Consider these tips for optimizing communications when designing, implementing, or refining your direct mail campaign.

Personalize Your Message

To generate positive ROI, your direct mail postcards have to make it clear that your business understands what the recipient wants. Personalizing communications can mean two things:
  1. Creating a message that demonstrates your company’s ability to fulfill a customer’s need or solve their problem
  2. Customizing copy or graphics to cater directly to a small, but targeted audience
In our metrics-driven marketing landscape, every business has access to data that can define who’s buying from them, and what drives these clients to purchase. And just as encouraging is the fact that today’s digital print technology lets your direct mail professional:
  • offer customized options with more cost-effective pricing – even for shorter print runs,
  • provide significantly faster turnaround times following print proof approval, and
  • create better designs, proven to get better results
If you want to improve your direct mail response, encourage larger orders, and promote repeat sales, personalization is key.

Get Your Mail Where It Needs to Go

Making your direct mail communications relevant in terms of who’s reading them goes beyond just the words they contain. You have to make sure your postcards are landing in the right mailboxes to begin with! If you’ve never thought about direct mail advertising in terms of housekeeping and hygiene, now is a good time to start. Reaching the right audience means working with a clean customer mailing list, whether it’s your first print run or your hundredth. When managing your own address system, you should take steps to keep your customer list current by performing regular updates. When taking advantage of commercially available direct mail lists, make sure they’re as accurate and targeted as possible. People move, and client needs change – and both can happen quickly and often. Don’t make the mistake of investing valuable marketing dollars in a mail-out that’s geared toward failure before it gets off the ground! Running a clean campaign will help decrease the occurrence of undeliverable and unread mail.

Market Efficiently

Efficiency in advertising means saving money while still getting your message to the market quickly and frequently. If you lack the time or personnel to effectively manage your direct mail communications, it only makes sense to find someone with both. You could consider approaching multiple companies for the various mail services you’ll need. But rather than having to coordinate everything yourself, why not find a single-source professional to do it all for you? Experienced, full-service direct mail companies offer:
  • postcard design skills that promise consistent results,
  • fast and accurate digital printing,
  • up-to-date direct mail lists that target various customer groups, and
  • reliable addressing and post office delivery options
Marketing with direct mail postcards is a proven way to help grow your business. Especially when you work with an industry specialist capable of providing practical advice every step of the way.
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