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3 Things We Can Learn from Text Message Marketing

As one of the most formidable mobile marketing tactics – one that’s used heavily by companies like Coca-Cola and Target – there’s much we can learn from the concept of communicating with clients by text.

On the surface, text message marketing and direct mail would appear to have little in common – after all, they spring from two distinctly different marketing camps: digital and print. But the truth is that these advertising platforms share one highly notable quality. They’re both proven and powerful promotional channels that many business owners are reluctant to adopt.

Here are three things we can learn from text message marketing that may just boost the benefits of your direct mail campaign.

1. Offers That Resonate

In the world of SMS, a call-to-action that’s short, clear, and concise in both message and incentive is one of the keys to driving opt-ins, and converting text viewers into subscribers. That same rule should apply to the content of your company’s direct mail postcards. Your offer is what gives clients and prospects a good reason to respond, and to accomplish that task it must be:

  • personalized,
  • timely,
  • engaging,
  • exclusive, and
  • easy to act on

For best results, always make sure that your direct mail marketing goals align with your overall business objectives. And include a trackable element in your offer – a unique reference code, for example – that will allow you to determine whether those goals are being met.

2. Value in Reminders

Mobile marketers recognize that texting appointment reminders to clients can decrease the number of no-shows by more than 35%. A similar degree of value can be yours when you create direct mail materials that are designed to remind your customers of who you are, and what you can do for them.

Research has suggested that “really good ad mail” helps to keep the sender’s brand top-of-mind for nearly two-thirds of consumers. And in much the same way that promotional texts have a significantly higher open rate than emails, direct mail is more than twice as likely to be noticed and read by customers than email marketing messages.

3. Leveraging the All-Mighty Coupon

When it comes to designing your marketing campaign, it’s important to keep your personal feelings out of the mix, and focus on proven results. Mobile coupons, for example, have been shown to play an enormous role in re-marketing to an audience based on redemption behavior. And in the case of direct mail:

  • studies indicate that printed materials like coupons are kept for 17 days on average – providing the ideal environment for repeat brand exposure
  • direct mail coupons tend to outperform digital in driving in-store traffic by anywhere from 10-30%
  • 87% of all consumers use print coupons they receive in the mail, with more than 2.5 billion of these having been redeemed in 2015 alone

If you’ve been reluctant to invest in direct mail postcard-coupons in the past, remember that you are not your customer: even if you don’t enjoy receiving these enticing and practical offers at home, chances are good that your clients do.

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