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3 Summer Marketing Tips That Are Worth a Try

Just when you thought that winter was going to last for years, you look outside and realize that spring is coming and you know what is just around the corner – Summer!

For businesses that thrive well during the summer season, like those in the travel industry, this means that you will have to be ready for another high season. While you are preparing your office and logistics, you have to make sure that you take time to ensure that you get your helping from the wave of customers.

Thing is, you can prepare for this flood of customers months ahead. You should make sure your website is up-to-date, your brochures and newsletters should be stocked. Lastly, you should make sure your direct mail pieces are good to go. But what should they be about? How can you possibly lure these fickle customers with your direct mail marketing?

Maybe you can try some of these tips:

Tip #1 Specials

Always remember that everybody loves getting a good deal every now and then. No matter how small the discount, customers will instantly go gaga over it. Just remember to put an expiration date on your direct mail specials to give your customers that feeling of urgency and limited supply. If you don’t, prospective customers will just continually put off buying it until they completely forget about it.

Tip #2 Current events

Make sure you keep an eye and ear out for the current events and adjust your direct mail strategy if needed. For example, gas prices will shoot up during summer so people will be more into traveling close to their homes. Send direct mail to people within your vicinity and sell them the idea of travelling without spending a fortune.

Tip #3 New features

If you have recurring customers, make sure never to neglect them for your new summer direct mail marketing strategy. If you have something new in your office, your service offerings, or even your website then you should make sure they know about it. Remember that these people already provided revenue for you in the past so you have to make sure to give them a reason to come back.

Remember that a simple tweak in your direct mailing strategies can spell the difference between success and failure.

All in all, you should learn to change your direct mail strategies to adapt to a certain season or theme.

Follow these tips and you can rest assured that you will have reservations and customers flowing in from everywhere.

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