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3 Strategies to Make Customers Stick With You

One of the most important parts of a romantic relationship is communication. Without communication, a relationship breaks down and causes it to dissolve in a break up.

The same can be said about relationships between businesses and their customers.When a business communicates with their customers and listens to them, it forms a bond of trust between a business and customer.

The customer knows that the business appreciates them and greatly increases the chances that the customer will customer will use that business’s services.

Businesses, both large and small, can use direct mail to communicate with customers and find out what their customers like, what they don’t like, what services they would like to see offered, suggestions on business practices, and many other different things. There are few ways that businesses can accomplish this.


The best way to find out if your customers are happy or unhappy about something is by asking them directly. Surveys are a great way to find out how your customers feel about your products or services.

When you create a survey, make sure you ask open questions to allow the person answering the question to give their honest opinion.

Don’t ask yes or no questions, instead provide a number of options similar to a scale, that allows the customer to tell you how happy or unhappy they are with the business.

At the bottom of the survey, make sure to leave a suggestion box that allows customers to write in suggestions about how your business could improve or what they like about your product or services.

Blank Suggestion Letter

This option is not used as often by businesses, but it can be an effective way to understand how your customers feel, especially about a certain subject.

A blank suggestion letter is a letter sent with a blank sheet of paper, and another sheet of paper asking the recipient to give their opinion on one or more subjects.

The recipient then writes down how they feel about the subject, and mails it back to the sender, usually with a self-addressed stamped envelope that came with the blank suggestion letter.

Business Report Cards

Another way for a business to see how it is doing in the eyes of its customers is by getting the customer to grade them. To do this a business sends customers a piece of paper with a few things the business does and asks the customer to give the business a letter grade in that area.

This method is sometimes preferred over a traditional survey because the idea of a letter grade system resonates with most people since most have gotten letter grades themselves when they were younger.

The three suggestions above are the more common ways businesses try to find out how they are doing with their customers. Once a business gets these back, they should be checked. If there are a number of customers pointing out a problem in a particular area, the business should fix it immediately.

If a business makes any changes because of its customer’s suggestions, it should let them know through a business newsletter, a notification, or something that shows the business listened. The customers will feel appreciated and know the business values them as much as they value the business.

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