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3 Little “Thank You” Ideas Businesses Can Mail Their Customers

One of the best ways to get someone to fall in love with you is to show them how much they mean to you.

The same is true for businesses and their relationship with their customers. Businesses that show their customers how much they appreciate them will more likely keep those customers than businesses that don’t. Even if a competitor offers the same service that you do at a cheaper price, customers shown appreciate will value that more than the money they save with a competitor.

One of the most popular ways that businesses can show their customers how much they appreciate them is by sending a small “thank you” to them through the mail. In the age of the internet, physical representations of appreciation are now valued more highly than they used to be. The cost of these “thank yous” is usually inexpensive, and can be handled by a direct mailing service for a small fee.

So what do you send these customers to show how much you value them? Here are a few suggestions.

Thank You Cards

Even though thank you cards used to be seen as a “cliché gift,” they are now back in fashion. They are a nice change from the electronic media that most businesses use to express their thanks. Getting an actual card shows the customer that the business took the time to actually make and send something to them instead of a boring old email.

A business can purchase thank you cards fairly cheaply from bulk manufacturers, or they can hire a printing service to make them. Many direct mail companies also have printing services and will usually offer their service at a discount to businesses that use their services.

Coupons for Discounts on Your Business’s Services

Coupons are another old cliché that are coming back. Although the reasons are not exactly known, many people are skipping internet coupons and are going back to scour the newspapers for deals at their favorite stores.

A good way for a business to capitalize on this trend is to send coupons to valuable customers. These little paper discounts can go a long way to solidifying a business’s relationship with its customers.

Like thank you cards, coupons can very likely be printed at direct mail services at a discount to businesses that use their direct mail service.

Gift Certificates or Gift Cards

Gift cards and certificates have been popular gifts for many years and they still are now. These little tokens will go over very well with valued customers by allowing them to enjoy something on your business.

The gift card amount does not have to be very large, it can even be as little as $5 or $10. Because of the smaller card value, it is suggested that businesses give these valued customers gift cards to restaurants, ice cream shops, or places where the amount on the card will be able to get the customers something without them having to pay something out of pocket.

These are a few ideas to get your customers to fall in love with you. Maybe you will come up with your own ways to show your customers that you care.

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