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3 Direct Mail Ad Ideas That Your Customers Will Love

Everyone likes to get something special or feel special. This is a commonly known fact that many direct mail marketers can use to their advantage. The main problem is that most don’t know how to do this, as marketing can sometimes be a “faceless” activity.

The key to success with this kind of marketing strategy is to give your direct mail marketing campaign a “face” through a personal touch of some kind. There are many ways to do this and all of them are effective.

Release a catalogue that is unique to or has something related to your business

Do you run an embroidery business? Try putting a little lace on your sales catalogue to get that point across to your consumer. Do you run a company that puts together scrapbooks? Try putting a page or two in your sales catalogue that looks like one. It’s been proven that customers like these personal touches and they improve sales.

A business can also try to include items or other personal things that their customers want to see. To do this a business will have to interact with their customers a bit to find out what they like, but this activity will also go further in giving the business a “face” through their advertising.

Include free samples unique to the advertisement’s recipient

This might sound like something that is difficult to do, but it actually can be achieved in a variety of ways.

One way to do this is to include a post card in an advertisement that includes a list of free samples a customer could want and they mail it in to the business.

A business could also use an email to achieve the same thing. That business could then send the sample and the advertisement to the customer, through the mail.

Give your advertisements a memorable theme

Doing something that make your catalogues look or feel unique is a marketing tactic that can pay dividends for months, or sometimes years, down the road.

Memorable themes for direct mail ads include doing something to make a Holiday or other special advertisement so memorable that the customer wishes to keep it. For example, including recipes in a Holiday catalogue is a tactic that baking companies employ.

If a customer keeps the advertisement and possibly uses it regularly, they will be constantly reminded of the existence of your company and its products.

Not only this, but they will give your customers something to cherish as well. Very few types of advertising can boast that kind of customer satisfaction and marketing effectiveness.

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