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17 Ways to Increase Sales Using Direct Mail Postcards

Ready for some new marketing ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Direct mail postcards are just the ticket when it comes to promoting virtually any type of local business, even if you provide products or services to other businesses. Postcard marketing is pretty simple to implement, it’s very affordable, it’s versatile and it works. Don’t you wish you could say that about everything?

We’ve assembled some suggestions for you – not just ideas about sales promotions that you can advertise using direct mail postcards, but tips on improving your postcards so every square inch is selling for you. That way you can transform postcard marketing from a tool that works well into one that brings you truly outstanding ROI.

  1. Design your postcard as a coupon that recipients can redeem in person or online using a special promo code.
  2. Hold a one-day sale and use direct mail postcards to let everyone in the area know about it.
  3. Is your business new? Use postcards to invite the community to your Grand Opening.
  4. Is there a new dentist at your practice? Postcards are the perfect way to introduce him or her to prospects as well as existing customers. Include an introductory discount on their specialty services.
  5. Create a “bring a friend” referral campaign targeted to existing customers.
  6. Or offer an extra bonus for postcard recipients that respond to your offer and pass their postcard along to a friend, too.
  7. Use “new resident” mailing lists to reach out to people before the competition. Since they’re a diverse group, include two or three different offers on your postcard. (And keep doing this, because every month there are more new people moving into town.)
  8. Include a special phone number on your postcard, so you can easily track phone response. (Hint: you can record calls and learn a lot about how to improve your sales conversion skills.)
  9. Create a campaign exclusively for your Loyalty Club members, to generate even greater repeat sales. Make it a “sneak peek” of your new-season merchandise or menu.
  10. Join forces with a complementary or neighboring businesses and do a joint promotion. When you each promote it with direct mail postcards sent to your in-house mailing list, you’ll all benefit from the increased reach.
  11. Sponsor a local charity event, and use postcards to promote the event. If you’ll be there with a booth, invite recipients to join you. Even if you don’t generate direct sales, you’ll reinforce your “good neighbor” status with the community. Potential customers look for that in a business.
  12. Try targeting specific segments of your audience with different campaigns. For example, if you own a restaurant, create one campaign promoting your “happy hour light dinner” special to older residents and another campaign promoting your “kids eat free on Tuesdays” special to households with children.
  13. Always include an expiration date on your postcard offers, or let recipients know quantities are limited. Urgency drives action.
  14. Just say “no” to second-rate postcard production. A stunning print job looks professional, and that gives your business greater credibility that will encourage recipients to choose you over the competition.
  15. Create a “last minute sale” to give your business a financial shot in the arm during a traditionally slow period.
  16. Review your marketing strategy and tactics to see if you’re using direct mail postcards in every way possible.
  17. Schedule an appointment with a direct mail professional to review every detail of your postcard marketing, including your design, offers, calls to action and mailing lists.

Bonus tip: Let your direct mail experts do the work, to save time and ensure the best results. Savings increase your bottom line, too.

Virtually any sales idea you can dream up is a good candidate for direct mail postcards. So start dreaming, and get ready to grow your business.

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